Cyber ​​Security: Rules For Data Protection

Cyber ​​Security: Rules For Data Protection

Rules for cybersecurity Below is a list of essential but advantageous rules to be safe from any data and information theft: Do not use the default logins and passwords Don’t fall in love with phishers Enable multi-factor authentication Update your software regularly Don’t use a VPN unnecessarily Use strong passwords Avoid unnecessary permissions Beware of … Read more

Phishing: An Information Guide From The Data Protection Authority

Phishing: An Information Guide From The Data Protection Authority

What is Phishing Phishing is an illegal technique used to steal confidential information relating to a person or company with the intent to carry out fraudulent operations. The confidential information that can be stolen concerns: username and password, access codes, current account numbers, ATM, and credit card details. How Phishing works The method consists in … Read more

GPS, When The Satellite Tells Us Where We Are

GPS, When The Satellite Tells Us Where We Are

Satellites orbit the Earth by emitting signals in the form of microwaves. Once on Earth, they are picked up by receivers which, by integrating the information derived from at least four satellites, determine their position, speed, and time on the Earth’s surface. The now familiar car satellite navigator can determine its position without transmitting any … Read more

Examples Of Augmented Teaching. 3D Printing At School To Stimulate Children’s Skills And Imagination

Examples Of Augmented Teaching. 3D Printing At School To Stimulate Children's Skills And Imagination

In recent years, the world of school has worked to make teaching increasingly exciting and, above all, in step with the times. We talk more and more often about augmented teaching, and technology integration has become a fundamental aspect of learning, significantly developing students’ critical thinking and stimulating their interaction and dialogue in STEAM subjects … Read more

Wireless Communication Technologies in 2022 Amazing Facts about Their Types

Wireless Communication

Different Types of wireless Communication Technologies Any busy business owner should be pardoned for occasionally being confused between 5GHz WiFi and cellular 5G due to the variety of wireless communication protocols and types available on the market. We have put together an overview of the many, most frequently encountered types of Wireless Communication technologies and the … Read more

Amazing Facts About Wireless Technology In 2022


Wireless Technology   Did you know that there are currently close to 5000 satellites in orbit around the earth? Wireless technology able these satellites to communicate with the devices on earth. Wireless Technology enables information to be transferred between distant sites without a physical link. At the moment, wireless technologies use optical, radio frequency, infrared, … Read more

Wi-Fi Technology, How It Works, And Amazing Benefits In 2023

Wi-Fi Technology

Well-liked wireless networking technology is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”. We can exchange information between two or more devices using this technology. Wi-Fi Technology was first designed for portable computing devices such as laptops but is now widely used for consumer goods such as televisions, DVD players, and digital cameras, as well as for mobile … Read more