Quantum Computer Most Amazing 9 Applications

The promise of extremely rapid processing power has led to a rise in the popularity of quantum computers. A commercial quantum annealing computer has already been offered by some businesses, such as D-Wave, even though quantum computers have not yet achieved their quantum supremacy.

These commercial quantum computers have become available, enabling researchers to test and apply them in a variety of domains. The top 10 uses for quantum computers that were anticipated for the future have been chosen.

1: Trendy Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Computer

In the fields of automation, computer science, and robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) is a very popular topic. It has already greatly improved the outcomes and is already replacing human labor. Neural networks, a machine learning model that is based on the neurons in our brains, have been used extensively in the development of AI over the past ten years.

A very sophisticated model, neural networks can adjust to any pattern of data. They are capable of speech and visual recognition as well as behavior imitation. However, the fundamental challenge with neural networks is training. Large-scale neural network training is extremely time-consuming and computationally intensive. By adopting quantum computers instead of conventional computers, this issue can be readily resolved. Huge neural networks can be trained faster on very large datasets thanks to quantum computers. To speed up its AI algorithms, Google is funding research and development of quantum computers. The performance of some neural network models on a D-Wave quantum annealing machine was quite good.

2: Weather Prediction

Quantum Computer

Weather forecasting is the process of predicting the weather in advance using historical data and present atmospheric conditions. It is carried out by conventional computers by processing massive datasets of several meteorological factors. It is impossible to predict the weather exactly a few days ahead due to the limited precision and low computing capability of computers.

A researcher has proposed utilizing a quantum computer to solve the issue of weather forecasting accuracy. He wrote a paper in 2017 that demonstrated the potential for improved accuracy when employing the Dynamic Quantum Clustering (DQC) technique. He added that datasets for weather forecasting that are challenging to produce on conventional computers can even be produced using DQC.

3: Molecule Simulations

Chemistry and biology both rely heavily on simulations of molecules and their behavior under various situations. because simulation enables chemists and biologists to investigate molecules and their interactions without completing actual experiments.

Quantum Computer

The simulation of molecules is done using conventional computers,  which can only handle a finite number of molecules. These restrictions can be overcome by quantum, which will enable the modeling of extremely complex molecules in very powerful computers.

The seven-qubit chip’s quantum computer has already been put to the test by simulating beryllium hydride (BeH2) molecules. Of course, you might not find this particularly impressive but consider a seven-qubit device performing simulation. With just a few more qubits, a quantum computer’s power is greatly increased. With every, every qubit, the power of quantum computers grows exponentially.

4: More Accurate Biomedical Simulations

Quantum Computer

Effective protein and cell function simulations can be performed on quantum computers. one such endeavor is to unravel the mystery of protein folding. In 2012, Harvard University researchers endeavored, and it was successful. They discovered the lowest arrangement of amino acids that has never been found before using a quantum annealing computer created by D-Wave. This was a fantastic accomplishment in accurately simulating protein folding.

5: Higher-Quality Financial Services

Quantum Computer

The D-Wave 2000Q is a commercial quantum computer that D-Wave has already created. It has roughly 2000 qubits. However, it is quite expensive and is only utilized for research by a small number of organizations. The D-Wave quantum computer can also be utilized to solve challenging risk management issues and financial calculations. It can also be utilized to compare and improve brand-new financial models and lower significant global risk elements. A more potent quantum computer, which is still being developed, will be needed for the world financial system.

6: The Increased Flow Of Traffic

Quantum Computer

One of the most significant issues in cities that can occur at any time is traffic congestion. To avoid traffic bottlenecks, people typically get up early in the morning to travel to their places of employment. However, they frequently arrive to work late because of being stranded. To help its users find the quickest and clearest route to their destination, Google has been researching traffic bottlenecks and congestion.

By managing and enhancing the flow of traffic, Volkswagen has been attempting to lessen congestion and gridlock. To determine the best routes for numerous autos, they conducted experiments using quantum annealing computers. By rearranging 10,000 cars’ routes on Beijing’s roads, they were able to successfully demonstrate the strategy. They asserted that a quantum annealing computer can perform optimization much more quickly than a conventional computer.

7: More Extensive Mobile Data Coverage

Quantum Computer

There may be many locations in your city where satellite or mobile data reception is very poor. When the satellites are unable to cover the area, poor coverage results. It’s because there is a tonne of different satellite alignment combinations. The satellite’s alignment needs to be tuned to cover the majority of the space, a task that is often handled by traditional computers. However, processing all the combinations quickly with conventional computers is quite challenging.

It was claimed that the Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) technique can be used on quantum annealing computers to expedite the optimization process research released. Despite significant speedups, the method won’t be able to completely cover all the poor coverage areas. But the likelihood of poor coverage places will be reduced with appropriate optimization.

8: Quantum Gaming Computers

Quantum Computer

Many gamers are intrigued to play very huge games at high framerates on quantum computers because of the processing speed that a quantum computer offers. In the future, it might be possible to play very big games on quantum computers. Because quantum computers don’t employ conventional computer methods and the hardware is still developing, it is currently not possible to play huge games on them.

To test quantum computers, various smaller games, like Quantum Battleship, have been created. Different algorithms, programming languages, and strategies are needed to create games on quantum computers. And Microsoft is creating a programming language of this kind called Q#. This new programming language will benefit from the hardware in quantum computers and run on both conventional and quantum computers.

9: Highly Specific Customized Ads

Quantum Computer

We all detest being inundated with commercials, especially ones that are unrelated to us. Companies all around the world spend billions of dollars annually to promote their goods, but the majority of the time, advertisements are seen by people who consider them to be useless.

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