Real World Of Automation 11 Best Examples

Building a system that can function independently with little or no human help is called automation. Automation’s primary goal is to minimize human effort. Turning on the lights is the first thing you do when you enter a dark space. Imagine that the lights are now automatically turned on when you walk into the same room. The second scenario will likely be more practical and useful for the majority of you because it saves both your time and effort.

The primary goal of designing automatic devices is to reduce physical labor. The discovery of fire, the development of wheels, and other instances prove that our top priority has always been making daily life more comfortable. Appliances that operate automatically require less manual labor, lessen the chance of human error, and use less energy.

Illustrations Of Automation


In our daily lives, we make extensive use of automatic appliances. However, we frequently ignore them and are unaware of the existence of such incredible technology. Here are a few of the most prevalent instances of automation in daily life:

1: Vehicles

The vehicle business is very expansive and modern. Vehicle operation procedures are always changing and becoming more automated. For instance, early automobiles relied on manual transmission systems, but in the modern day, automated transmission systems have taken the position of manual transmission systems. AMT employs a planetary gear set in place of the standard gear pair.


While the manual transmission employs a clutch pack, the automatic transmission uses a torque converter. Over the manual system of energy transmission, AMT has many advantages. Some of these include better reliability, increased strength, and improved performance.

2: Kitchen Equipment

Cooking used to be an extremely stressful profession before industrialization because everything had to be done by hand. All of the manual tasks—chopping, peeling, blending, mixing, etc.—have been replaced by machines in the modern world, making cooking and serving much simpler.


The majority of the gadgets we use in contemporary kitchens are automatic, which is the cause. Using blenders, choppers, mixer grinders, etc. as examples. With the emergence of such autonomously working appliances, kitchens have become incredibly convenient.

3: Personal Electronics

We rely heavily on electronic devices to complete our daily tasks. Automation technology has evolved into the most helpful ally ever, from microwaving food to washing clothes in the washer. You must have noticed that the electric kettle automatically turns off the supply when the water is properly boiled.


Similar to this, the washing machine automatically shuts off after a set amount of time without needing to manually flip a switch. This is due to the pre-programmed microcontrollers that are included in many consumer electronics products, which are designed to meet the needs of the end user. As a result, the user may unwind while the smart machines take care of everything.

4: FASTags

Toll plazas took a lot of time before FASTags and other related automation technologies were introduced. There was a drawn-out process that had to be followed. Long lines were required to give over the money to the cashier, pick up the receipt afterward, wait for the operator to take down the barricade, and then finally be allowed to continue traveling.


By instantly establishing a connection between the taxpayer and the recipient, FASTags lessen this hassle. This cuts the long lines and does away with the necessity for a manual operator. resulting in a seamless and barrier-free voyage for us.

5: Automation Devices For Power Backup


The most effective automation examples are power backup systems. Devices like UPSs, inverters, etc. If the primary power source fails, immediately link us to the backup power source. Because they shield the user from an abrupt power outage, which is quite inconvenient, these devices are helpful. The setup and algorithm of the gadget allow it to recognize when it is essential to turn on and off the operation. Because of this, when the power is restored, the device immediately enters the charging mode.

6: Health

A person who is receiving life support requires the highest level of attention and supervision. Automation devices are used by ventilators and life support systems to carry out a variety of specialized functions. Multiple sensors built into these gadgets are intended to monitor and observe bodily signals and activate the gadget’s features as necessary.


For instance, when a ventilator detects a reduction in the body’s oxygen level, it immediately activates the artificial oxygen supply. These innovations are considered to be among the best things that have ever been invented since they save lives.

7: Recreation

The two most well-liked entertainment industry subgenres are photography and videography. Modern cameras are utilized to improve the experience and picture quality. Modern cameras have a tonne of capabilities, including auto-adjust, auto-stabilization, and auto-capture. Technology for automation supports notable characteristics and modes.

8: Commercial Equipment


All tasks are carried out and handled manually by the workforce in small-scale companies; however, in large-scale industries, where the pace of production of goods is significantly larger, the situation is different. The demand for automatic robotics, conveyor belts, and other associated equipment grows as the workload increases. Automation machinery decreases the risk of human error and enables the work to be done quickly and consistently.

9: Business

A variety of classic agricultural tools need to be improved to increase crop yield in both quality and quantity. Many machines have been developed that can swiftly and accurately complete laborious chores for farmers’ convenience.

Harvesters, irrigation systems, plowing equipment, self-driving tractors, and other kinds of automatic machinery are currently used in the agriculture sector. The fact that these machines automatically detect the requirement for an operation and carry out the work as directed by the controller is a notable benefit of using them.

10: Athletic

No of the circumstances, including the availability of training partners or pleasant weather, athletes need to practice regularly. The majority of athletes employ automatic ball-throwing equipment. The balls are automatically and randomly thrown at the target by these machines. The player is better equipped to be nimble and ready for any shot thanks to this. A ball thrower makes it possible for someone to practice alone because it does not require a controller to be present nearby to operate the device.

11: Escalators


In the last few decades, our way of life has drastically changed. The majority of us no longer utilize the stairs. Instead, we employ escalators that already have proximity sensors installed. These sensors are aware of people’s presence and typically only move when necessary. The escalator turns on and transports us to our destination as soon as the sensors detect the information.

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